Why Redimeds

With a dual focus on patients AND caregivers, RediMeds Pharmacy stands out from the competition. Looking at solutions from multiple viewpoints ensures RediMeds Pharmacy can benefit all parties involved. Happy patients mean happier caregivers, but the bottomline also benefits as well.

Resident Advantages

Resident health and safety is the highest priority. With RediMeds’ unique multi-dose packaging, patients know they are getting the correct medication, at the correct time… every time.

All of our medications are competitively priced, even most non-prescription medications.

  • Medicare Part D enrollment consultations to ensure you are on an appropriate personalized plan.
  • Family members can enjoy the same benefits, having their prescriptions mailed directly to their homes in the same compliance packaging.

Facility & Caregiver Advantages

RediMeds Pharmacy will take the preparation hassle out of passing medications so that your caregivers can spend more quality time with the residents.

Our convenient compliance packaging is designed to be distributed quickly, but more importantly, accurately. Each multi-dose pack is labeled giving staff peace of mind that residents are receiving the correct medications.

  • Scheduled daily deliveries and additional deliveries from local backup pharmacies when needed.
  • RediMeds staff will coordinate all prescription requirements (Prior authorizations, refills, etc.)
Find out how RediMeds Pharmacy can help you realize the advantages of utilizing multi-dose medication packaging for your patients and staff.